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Dear Readers,

Now that many of us are under “house arrest” and can’t readily take to the trails, highways, and skies to seek our next photographic adventure, this is a great time to enhance our skills via remote learning.  I am requesting your input on topics of interest for small group online workshops and/or 1:1 distance learning sessions.  Last week I offered workshops on taking manual of your exposure settings and on post-processing in Lightroom.  Neither session was well enough attended to be able to continue that model.  I suspect there are topics and/or workshop formats that would appeal to a broader group within our To Travel Hopefully community, so please let me know your thoughts.  We can cover anything in the photographic process from travel and shot planning to capture techniques to post-processing and image sharing/publication.  In 1:1 sessions I can cover any topic(s) you personally would like to learn.  An obvious example is to do remote portfolio reviews, where you share a few of your key images and I provide a professional assessment of what works and what can be improved.  Portfolio reviews are a key learning tool for photographers at all levels.  Please share any other ideas you may have for topics.

During this time of serious financial challenge for may of us, I want to keep these sessions affordable, so I will continue to make the workshops “pay what you can”, and I will offer a reduced rate of just $50 for a 45-minute 1:1 session (a reduction by more than 1/3 of my usual rate).  This is an unusual opportunity to continue our travel photography journey from home during a difficult time in the world.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and to working with you to improve your photographic skills!



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