Photographer Kyle Adler to Serve as 2023 Resident Artist at Pedvale Art Park, Latvia

Photo of Andreina Maldonado from a collaboration in San Francisco, 2021

Delighted to announce that I have been awarded a place as a 2023 Resident Artist at Pedvale Art Park in Latvia! I’m excited to join an international cohort of talented artists working across a wide range of disciplines for the monthlong residency themed around Latvia’s famous midsummer celebrations.

This program is especially thrilling for me because, as you may know, my creative practice is built around capturing the authentic spirit of each place and its people. Latvians and other people from the Baltic and Northern European regions have been celebrating joy, renewal, love, and fertility around the summer solstice for millennia. My project will be highly collaborative, forging relationships with other artists across the Baltic states, with the goal of co-creating with them as they prepare in both traditional and modern ways for these joyful festivities.

I’m also eager, for the first time in my seven-year career as a full-time professional photographer, to have the luxury of working exclusively on a personal creative project for a month without having to book back-to-back transactional photoshoots in order to make a living. Can’t wait!

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