Kyle Adler photographer travel photography
Kyle photographing the total solar eclipse in Svalbard

I am a professional travel photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  An avid traveler, I have visited more than 100 countries and always have a camera or two along to capture the landscapes, wildlife, and cultures unique to each place.  I am a recent winner of the prestigious international competition, Travel Photographer of the Year.  My work has been published in a variety of outlets internationally including National Geographic Online, CNN, The Telegraph, The Atlantic, Measure Magazine, the photography book “eXtremy”, and fine art and commercial photography sites.

I’m passionate about helping fellow travelers improve their photography while learning to explore our world with greater cultural awareness and advocacy.  That overriding passion inspires this online project, To Travel Hopefully, and also drives my leadership of small group workshops and tours for photographers at any level from beginner through semi-professional.  These tours cover all aspects of travel photography from shot planning to capture technique, and on to post-processing and image sharing, with an emphasis on learning to use the camera as a bridge to enhanced understanding of the land and people we visit.

In addition, I’m currently working on a book project documenting in images the cultural diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area.

I hope you enjoy this site and that you will be inspired to travel more adventurously, capture images like a pro, and share your photos with more power.  Feel free to contact me with feedback, ideas, or questions.  Thank you for visiting!