Remote Services Available for Photography Lovers

Dear Readers,

How quickly the world can change. I captured this image of the early days of Venice’s spectacular Carnival just a month ago, before there were any known cases of COVID-19 in Europe. Carnival was subsequently canceled and now Italy, Spain, and parts of China and the US are locked down.

The SF Bay Area is now under lockdown. No leaving our homes except for essential shopping or urgent medical appointments. This is the right thing to do to protect the most vulnerable among us, and soon I suspect the whole of the US will face similar restrictions. But as a full-time professional photographer specializing in travel, performing arts, and cultural events, I now have effectively no revenue stream. There are many people who are much worse off right now, including those who have been laid off and those who live from day to day; they need our attention most critically. I run a very lean business, so it can survive for a few months, but not longer. I’m excited to continue to collaborate now, with my clients old and new, to drive shared growth for after this health crisis has abated. And the absence of having a busy daily schedule of photo shoots and publication deadlines affords me the opportunity to explore some new business models, such as Tiktok (for short video content creation) and Patreon (a micro-finance/crowdfunding platform to connect patrons with artists). More is coming soon on those possible new directions.

In the meantime, I’m offering the following services remotely and would love for you to get involved:

1) Remote Learning: Are you a photography enthusiast looking to improve your craft? Want to learn how to hone your capture technique, discuss a particular photo project or issue, or practice post-processing your images? I am an experienced and highly rated instructor. While I can’t teach right now via my usual photo tours in destinations around the world or face-to-face classes and workshops, I am available to schedule 1:1 and small group remote learning sessions. Please share your thoughts about what topics you think are of interest to the photo enthusiast community, or PM me with your request for a 1:1 session.

2) Post-processing: Do you have a bunch of good images sitting around that you don’t have the time or skill to post-process? I can help. PM me to let me know what you have in mind and I’ll provide a very reasonable quote.

3) Fine-art Prints: I’ve exhibited my work internationally and won a number of major awards. Have a look at my portfolio ( and, if you are so moved, purchase some prints or other photo products directly from my website. My prices are extremely reasonable, and wouldn’t your home look better with a few new art pieces hanging in it? Fine-art prints make great gifts, too, so consider cheering up your friends during this challenging time.

4) Book Me: This public health crisis will pass, and I want to be your photographer when we’re able to return to a mostly normal existence. Portraits, headshots, events, performing arts, commercial/corporate photography, travel and lifestyle work: I do it all (except for weddings). No need to settle for routine cookie-cutter photos when you can have distinctive artistic work for approximately the same price. I’m offering a discount for late April, May, and June bookings made during the next three weeks, with the understanding that they may be rescheduled with no penalty if the current situation persists.

Stay healthy, and thank you for your support!


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