Now Offering Remote Portfolio Reviews for Special Price

Dear Readers,

Do you want to improve your photography skills?  One of the most effective tools for learning is the portfolio review.  Photographers at all levels—from beginners shooting with their phones, to devoted photo enthusiasts, up through seasoned professionals—participate in portfolio reviews to gain in-depth personalized insights from an objective working professional.  Some of my own most significant learnings and career turning points have resulted from having my work reviewed by other pros.

With my busy regular client workload currently disrupted due to the shelter-in-place order in California, I now have the time to offer 30-minute 1:1 portfolio review sessions, delivered by Zoom or telephone, at an exceptionally affordable price of just $50.  How does it work?  You sign up by email (to:, we schedule a time and discuss your goals for the session, and you send me a link to your portfolio of 5-10 images.  During the session we can focus on any aspects of photography that are most valuable to you, including but not limited to previsualization, composition, camera settings and capture technique, post-processing, storytelling and visual impact, and the business of photography.  Bring an open mind and be ready to listen to another photographer’s viewpoint about your work.  The method is not for me to criticize your photos, but to meet you where you are in your photographic journey and to explore together where you might go next.  I know from experience on both sides of the process that it takes courage to put your work in front of another person and receive their feedback, but it is an extremely valuable tool for learning.  While I encourage everyone to share a portfolio of their images during the session, it’s fine if you’re not at a point where you feel comfortable doing so; we can instead use the session to chat informally about any photography topics that interest you. 

I’m eager to see your work and to share my insights from a rich and diverse career as an award-winning professional travel, culture, and performing arts photographer.  Take the next step on your photographic journey by signing up for a portfolio review now.  Just email me at and tell me a little bit about your photography background, interests, and goals.  We’ll schedule our 30-minute 1:1 session, and you’ll be on your way to upping your photographic game.

Warm regards,