“Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” Project: Photographer Kyle Adler Launches Quarantine Dance Photo Project

Dancer: Lena Alvino. Photographer: Kyle Adler

Award-winning professional photographer Kyle Adler launched the “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” Project as a testament to the resilient spirit of the creative community during these trying times. The project adheres to the letter and spirit of the SF Bay Area’s shelter-in-place order while allowing local dancers to create, inspiring others to keep the artistic community strong during our quarantine, raising funds for those most in need, and documenting this surrealistic period in our history. Visit the work-in-process project’s web page at https://www.kadlerphotography.com/Dance-Like-Nobodys-Watching-Project, where you can view the photos so far and learn how participating dancers are creating while sheltering-in-place. Please also consider making a donation from the page: all net proceeds during the quarantine period will be donated to a nonprofit organization serving those most in need in the Bay Area, and you will receive a digital download of one or more images from this ongoing project. Dancers, there’s still time to participate in the project; check out the project web page for more details.