“To Travel Hopefully” News Flash!: I am honored to be featured by leading photography magazine “Szeroki Kadr”

Dear Readers,

I am honored to be featured as a Photographer of Inspiration on “Szeroki Kadr”, the leading Polish photography site. With a global audience of more than 100,000 followers, the Nikon-owned site was created to assist photographers in raising the quality of their art through education and inspiration. An article featuring some of my work and biographical information has just been published on their homepage as well as in their “Inspirations” section.

Please check it out!

Home page: https://www.szerokikadr.pl/

Direct link to my article: https://www.szerokikadr.pl/inspiracje/kyle-adler

Please note: Your browser can probably translate the Polish to English, but something is lost in translation; for example, I did not actually swim next to the alligator to capture its image, and in the eclipse photo the diamond ring effect is incorrectly translated as Bailey’s beads.


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