Please Vote Today: A friendly reminder to my readers in the US

Dear Readers,

This is a travel photography forum, and I don’t usually like to go off-topic.  But for today only, I am going to digress and direct a gentle, friendly reminder to my fellow Americans: Please vote today!

The stakes have never been higher.  Every vote counts.  That’s true even for those of us who live in states where the outcome of the presidential race is virtually certain.  It’s important to stand up and be counted.  And there are many down-ballot races and ballot measures that are extremely important and whose outcome is not at all determined yet.

As travelers and photographers, we are united by a yearning to explore and understand the world, and by a passion for sharing and advocating for what we learn during our travels.  I’ve traveled in many nations where the right to vote in free and fair elections is just a distant dream.  For those of us fortunate enough to have the right to choose our leaders, it is not an option to sit by and leave the selection to others.

Voting is the most serious obligation most of us are called to perform regularly in a democratic society.  Please get out there are vote today, if you have not already done so.  Thank you!
No matter how you have to get there, go to the polls and vote today!


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